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When Home No Longer Feels Like Home

"Go Set a Watchman" Examines Why Racism Exists

Go Set a Watchman is unmistakably Harper Lee’s voice.To be sure, the providence of Go Set a Watchman is in question, and the work should be considered not as the book Harper Lee would have written and released today, but should instead be thought of as a curious time capsule of the United States in the

Revisiting A Case For National Action: Institutionalized Racism, the Persistence of Black Poverty, and the Moynihan Report

n his report on black poverty in the 1960s, Daniel Patrick Moynihan put the onus of black poverty primarily on the shoulders of so-called matriarchy.  By his view, the deviance of many black households’ family structures from the national norm was the root cause of numerous other problems faced by black men and women in

Misty Copeland: Changing the Mold for Modern Ballerinas

n its 75-year history, Misty Copeland is only the third female African American soloist of the American Ballet Theater (ABT), and its only current African American soloist. Throughout her entire life as a dancer, she was constantly told that she had the wrong body for ballet. In an art that values history and perfection, Copeland

Signs for Change

A Short Series on the December 13 Protests in New York

n my time on this country, I’ve been to and seen dozen of protests, for the most varied causes. Civic engagement seems to be quite the American tradition, and people take to the streets for many, many reasons, from Wendy’s underpaying its tomato workers, to the mammoth issue of anthropogenic climate change. Often, what I’d see