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Sharing Punk Spirits with No Limits

unk music emerges largely from the social conflicts and derives its spirit to defend freedom against social norms. Hailed as “The Godmother of Punk,” Patti Smith has disrupted the stereotypes of women’s gender roles through music with her countercultural innovations including the application of poetry. Patti Smith and later punk generations have not only influenced

A Bohemian Oddisee

Oddisee connects Flâneurism with Hip Hop

urning on an Oddisee record is much like stepping out into the street. My first taste of Oddisee’s music came in the form of “Own Appeal”: a sugary guitar loop held up by subtle drums and echoes of CRU vocals. As the beat began to dig inside my head, Amir Mohammed (Oddisee) stepped out his

From MCs To Rudeboys

very street has a sound, and 163rd in the Bronx is no exception. Gyrating amps were hooked around streetlights. No-name DJs let their hands speak as they scratched funk and jazz vinyls. The Ghetto Brothers, a Puerto Rican gang that prioritized music and social change over violence, were responsible for cultivating this block party atmosphere.