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Revisiting A Case For National Action: Institutionalized Racism, the Persistence of Black Poverty, and the Moynihan Report

In his report on black poverty in the 1960s, Daniel Patrick Moynihan put the onus of black poverty primarily on the shoulders of so-called matriarchy.  By his view, the deviance of many black households’ family structures from the national norm was the root cause of numerous other problems faced by black men and women in

“Naughty or Nice?”: The NYPD’s Treatment of SantaCon and the March of Millions

 chants, drunken frat boys, and hundreds of ‘Saint Nick’s’ roaming the streets of New York City. This is an accurate rundown of the yearly tradition dreaded by NYC residents known officially as “SantaCon,” which took place this past Saturday. SantaCon is a festivity where thousands dress up in Santa costumes to flood the New York