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A Bohemian Oddisee

Oddisee connects Flâneurism with Hip Hop

Turning on an Oddisee record is much like stepping out into the street. My first taste of Oddisee’s music came in the form of “Own Appeal”: a sugary guitar loop held up by subtle drums and echoes of CRU vocals. As the beat began to dig inside my head, Amir Mohammed (Oddisee) stepped out his

Beyond Fordham Road: City Island’s Crisis

See a google map of our walk at https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zh606ZkPWN0U.kmQr5i0E1AKA Setting the Scene When picturing the Bronx, the beautiful town of City Island does not seem to match the description that those unfamiliar with the New York City borough might have; in fact, City Island defies those expectations. The town is clean, friendly, and surrounded by nature.