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A Childish Recap

On Tuesday, December 16, members of the Painting Bohemia community hosted an event at Fordham University for students to come experience the works of Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino. After a presentation by Liam Paris and Molly Boyd, students listened to album, read the screenplay, and watched videos associated with Gambino’s project, Because the Internet. For

Cat Cafés: Rising Rent, Bourgeois Exclusivity and a Cat-Crazed Society

ats. Humans have obsessed over these animals for thousands of years. Egyptians sanctified them, some early modern Germans burned them and accused them of serving the devil, French aristocracy hailed them as elegant pets, while modern Tumblr users just think they’re cute, and post millions of photos of them a day. Certainly, people’s obsession with

Urban Outfitting: Streetwear’s Runway Appearance

ome of the most beloved 90s trends have made a loud reemergence into high fashion. Many of the industry’s top brands have incorporated metallic, sheer, chokers, overalls, sneakers, baggier jeans and cinched pants into their lines. The past few seasons reintroduction of 90s motifs has paralleled an appropriation of urban, hip-hop fashion as well. Brands

COCO CHANEL: The Woman Ahead of Her Time

The history behind the woman who revolutionized simple elegance.

HANEL is a label that has been internationally recognized for decades, known for the famous quilted bag and tweed jacket. What is lesser known about Chanel is the woman behind it, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel and her passion for empowering women through what they wear. She was able to break the boundaries between men’s and women’s-wear