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Bogart – Extreme Makeover: Hipster Edition

Bogart.No, not the charming actor from Hollywood’s Golden Age or a misspelled variant of a Harry Potter monster; this is a much less mainstream cultural phenomenon. Bogart Street is a growing and thriving center of culture in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, specifically, hipster culture. Of course, hipster-ness is a strange paradox; to

DUMBO: Art or Advertisement?

very fall for the past eighteen years, Brooklyn has hosted a free, public, three day art festival in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, or “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” The neighborhood, which changed its name from Fulton Landing to DUMBO in 1978, is known for its impressive waterfront view, overlooking the Manhattan skyline and

The Brooklyn Barbie

ntroducing Brooklyn Barbie: With a cozy beanie atop her tousled tresses she is ready for a crisp fall afternoon in Williamsburg! She wears thick-framed glasses, pre-muddied combat boots, and a worn out flannel. Each Barbie wears a unique t-shirt with an ironic, provocative statement on it. She is radical, rebellious, and different from all other