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What are your bohemian experiences?: Summer contributions wanted!

Summer is here and we are looking for submissions from any and all. Please email us and share with us some of your bohemian experiences past and present. Living “la vie bohème? Experiences in activism? Music festivals? Writing? Travel? Art shows? Millennial gentrifying hipster who knows better but doesn’t know what to do about it? Coffee shop experiences?…CONTINUE

A Childish Recap

n Tuesday, December 16, members of the Painting Bohemia community hosted an event at Fordham University for students to come experience the works of Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino. After a presentation by Liam Paris and Molly Boyd, students listened to album, read the screenplay, and watched videos associated with Gambino’s project, Because the Internet. For

37 Years: Poet, Vagrant, Soldier, Thief, Trader, Runaway

riginally from Charleville, France, Jean-Nicolas-Arthur Rimbaud was born in 1854 to mother Marie-Catherine-Vitalie Cuif and father Frédéric Rimbaud, an army officer of bourgeois standing. Rimbaud’s rebellious, vagabond lifestyle fueled by absinthe and hashish has excited generations of writers. Described by Victor Hugo as “an infant Shakespeare,” Rimbaud’s following has been enraptured by his scandalous behavior,

Woo Hoo Bonnaroo

onnaroo is a four day long music festival help in Manchester, Tennessee. This event has one of the most diverse array of performers, including musicians from the genres of Indie, Hip Hop, gospel, rock, country, reggae and electronica all in one location. Most music festivals typically have artists from only a few similar branches of