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What are your bohemian experiences?: Summer contributions wanted!

Summer is here and we are looking for submissions from any and all. Please email us and share with us some of your bohemian experiences past and present. Living “la vie bohème? Experiences in activism? Music festivals? Writing? Travel? Art shows? Millennial gentrifying hipster who knows better but doesn’t know what to do about it? Coffee shop experiences?…CONTINUE

If Banksy were a Woman

as a woman in late 18th-20th century Europe, who similar to the contemporary street artist Banksy, wanted to express the many repressions women faced. Learning about the lack of opportunity for women to express their opinions and issues during this time, I wondered if there had been a street artist to depict these obstacles perhaps

Dark Komedy: Polish Identity & Art

I can’t be any other way. James Baldwin said, “I can’t be a pessimist because pessimism implies humanity is an academic value”, and my art harkens to that. Both my parents—being immigrants—traded their desires for my own. Despite days of poverty and inevitable moments of regret, they persevered. My father would undyingly remind me that