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Urban Outfitting: Streetwear’s Runway Appearance

Some of the most beloved 90s trends have made a loud reemergence into high fashion. Many of the industry’s top brands have incorporated metallic, sheer, chokers, overalls, sneakers, baggier jeans and cinched pants into their lines. The past few seasons reintroduction of 90s motifs has paralleled an appropriation of urban, hip-hop fashion as well. Brands

“Black Crows”: How Rei Kawakubo Revolutionized Fashion and Beauty

Looking back at the influence of Comme des Garçons

oday Rei Kawakubo and her cultural juggernaut of a brand, Comme des Garçons (French for “Like the Boys”), are seen as stable fixtures in the fashion establishment. Her shows are attended by all sorts of celebrities and VIPs, and she boasts loyal legions of fans, one of the most notable being John Waters, the “Pope