Coming Fall 2014!

Course Description:
This digital humanities course examines the emergence of bohemian and avant-garde culture through a study of gender, race, class, and nationalism in modernity. With a wide-ranging chronological and geographical scope, the selected Bohemias represent diverse spatial, aesthetic, economic, political, and social histories. This class will also look at the urban spaces where bohemian culture is found, analyzing its intersections with bourgeois and marginal cultures.  Students will study primary source documents, secondary texts, and graphic novels. Students will maintain a website, create interactive maps and other digital content, record oral histories, and actively use social media to explore bohemian/hipster cultures found in New York City.


Time: Tues/Fri | 1:00-2:15pm
Course: HIST 3548
CRN: 25437
Counts toward: Advanced History Core

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