Signs for Change

A Short Series on the December 13 Protests in New York

In my time on this country, I’ve been to and seen dozen of protests, for the most varied causes. Civic engagement seems to be quite the American tradition, and people take to the streets for many, many reasons, from Wendy’s underpaying its tomato workers, to the mammoth issue of anthropogenic climate change.

Often, what I’d see on many of the more specific and smaller protests was a sense that while people were incensed enough to mobilize for something, they weren’t really all that well organized, the protest wasn’t that effective, and overall the levels of both enthusiasm and purpose were low. That was not the case for this protest.

The protesters were quite clear on their goals, on their object of outrage, and were all highly motivated and enthusiastic. While the scale of the protest will probably be what impresses people the most, what personally impressed me about these specific protests was the sense purpose displayed by pretty much everyone I talked to on the march.

All of that gives me hope that this issue will not dissolve into the white noise of the 24-hour news cycle, and will definitely come up and be debated again. As it should.

For this short series of photos, I’ve decided to focus on the signage of the protest, as a way to try and do such a remarkable event justice.

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