Emma Bolton

When you think of a bohemian, many things could come to mind. In this ink and pencil drawing, you can find the foundation of how the modern Bohemian came to be. Starting at the top, I drew the skyline of New York City to frame the piece which is then followed with an illustration Jack Kerouac, noted author of the Beat Generation, in a library writing his famous book, On the Road. Underneath Kerouac is Fordham’s own little corner where the bohemian population of students can be found, Rodrigues Coffee Shop. Beneath that, I decided to go even deeper into the origins of modern Bohemia with an illustration of famous jazz singer Bessie Smith, performing at a Harlem nightclub attended by the elite of New York. I found this section of the course especially interesting because it really captures the dynamic of the different socioeconomic classes in 1936. Near the bottom of the illustration, I depicted an underground private literature club that is meant to look mysterious with the smoke surrounding it. Lastly, at the bottom, I drew the Brooklyn Bridge to show the common stereotype of where hipsters converge. This illustration is meant to give the viewer a deeper understanding of what a Bohemian really is and the origins of how the modern Bohemian came about.

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