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Rap and Technology: Capturing and Connecting to African American Culture

lthough some do not connect African American civil rights movements through music, the Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, and Post-Civil Rights movements are all connected through technological innovations in hip-hop. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, J. Cole, and Common all use forms of technology to identify with the struggles of African Americans from the

Sharing Punk Spirits with No Limits

unk music emerges largely from the social conflicts and derives its spirit to defend freedom against social norms. Hailed as “The Godmother of Punk,” Patti Smith has disrupted the stereotypes of women’s gender roles through music with her countercultural innovations including the application of poetry. Patti Smith and later punk generations have not only influenced

A Childish Recap

n Tuesday, December 16, members of the Painting Bohemia community hosted an event at Fordham University for students to come experience the works of Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino. After a presentation by Liam Paris and Molly Boyd, students listened to album, read the screenplay, and watched videos associated with Gambino’s project, Because the Internet. For