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Bogart – Extreme Makeover: Hipster Edition

Bogart.No, not the charming actor from Hollywood’s Golden Age or a misspelled variant of a Harry Potter monster; this is a much less mainstream cultural phenomenon. Bogart Street is a growing and thriving center of culture in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, specifically, hipster culture. Of course, hipster-ness is a strange paradox; to

Does Yelp Really Help?

hen the price of rent rises in a neighborhood, residents come and go, but does culture stay? Gentrification is the process of rebuilding an urban neighborhood which results in the displacement of lower income residents who can no longer live in the area due to the increase in rent. Low income areas have been revamped

The Kids Are Not All Right: Student Protests in Colorado

n October, high school students in Jefferson County, Colorado, shocked administrators and the school board by protesting proposed changes to the AP US history curriculum, as well as other decisions by the school board. Plans were to take out episodes of civil unrest in American History textbooks in order to promote a more patriotic view