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Black Lives Matter: Social Creation Not Transformation

One of the integral threads of American history and society is social reformation. The young country has endured everything from abolitionism to the suffrage of women; each movement shifted the American way of life. Currently, the primary social call for change is Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is an effort to bring equality about

If Banksy were a Woman

as a woman in late 18th-20th century Europe, who similar to the contemporary street artist Banksy, wanted to express the many repressions women faced. Learning about the lack of opportunity for women to express their opinions and issues during this time, I wondered if there had been a street artist to depict these obstacles perhaps

The World’s at War with Tyrants – Shall We Crouch?

rtists, in their times, have played significant roles in political revolutions the whole world over, whether it be John Milton defending dissidents in the First English Civil War in the 1640s or living artists such as Ai Weiwei calling for extensive political reform in modern China. What about art and artistic life intersects with politics