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Women Fighting For Each Other, Fight Each Other

How the Influences of Second-wave and Punk Feminism Have Caused Conflicts Among Modern Feminists

Feminism is a word that many women today shy away from. While it would seem obvious that a woman should want to fight the oppression associated with her own gender, the issue is much more complex than that. Often women like to avoid labels, because once a woman declares herself a feminist, she opens the

The Future Is Radical

Contemporary Feminism's Need for Radical Philosophies

was planning to entitle this “A Defense of Radical Feminism” but instead I will hope to prove that radical feminism does not deserve to be on trial. However, radicalism in any form inspires fear, and there are many who claim that contemporary feminism is too combative, or that it does not have the same claim

Addressing the “Problem”

Introduction: Contemporary Female Gender Roles efore the 1960s, there was a notable inequality between the status of men and women in society. The first significant public attempt for the support of female rights took place during the 1848 Women’s Rights convention at Seneca Falls in New York. From then on, multiple efforts were allocated to the