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Bogart – Extreme Makeover: Hipster Edition

No, not the charming actor from Hollywood’s Golden Age or a misspelled variant of a Harry Potter monster; this is a much less mainstream cultural phenomenon. Bogart Street is a growing and thriving center of culture in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, specifically, hipster culture. Of course, hipster-ness is a strange paradox; to

The Necessity of Patronage: The Economies of Burning Man and the Chelsea Hotel

urning Man and The Chelsea Hotel, although different in so many ways, both contain seemingly Utopian economies. An artistic community where everyone shares all of their goods and a hotel where residents can pay their rent with a song are not economies that should ever be able to sustain themselves, yet they did and have

Women Fighting For Each Other, Fight Each Other

How the Influences of Second-wave and Punk Feminism Have Caused Conflicts Among Modern Feminists

eminism is a word that many women today shy away from. While it would seem obvious that a woman should want to fight the oppression associated with her own gender, the issue is much more complex than that. Often women like to avoid labels, because once a woman declares herself a feminist, she opens the