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Black Lives Matter: Social Creation Not Transformation

One of the integral threads of American history and society is social reformation. The young country has endured everything from abolitionism to the suffrage of women; each movement shifted the American way of life. Currently, the primary social call for change is Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is an effort to bring equality about

Bogart – Extreme Makeover: Hipster Edition

No, not the charming actor from Hollywood’s Golden Age or a misspelled variant of a Harry Potter monster; this is a much less mainstream cultural phenomenon. Bogart Street is a growing and thriving center of culture in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, specifically, hipster culture. Of course, hipster-ness is a strange paradox; to

Women Fighting For Each Other, Fight Each Other

How the Influences of Second-wave and Punk Feminism Have Caused Conflicts Among Modern Feminists

eminism is a word that many women today shy away from. While it would seem obvious that a woman should want to fight the oppression associated with her own gender, the issue is much more complex than that. Often women like to avoid labels, because once a woman declares herself a feminist, she opens the