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Cultural Arts & The Spirit of Urban Renewal: Important Considerations

In Irene Tinagli´s recent article, “The Spirit of Urban Renewal,” the author argues that urban renewal can increase a city’s economic and social development, but only if the whole population is included. Cities need to create a mentality on how to see art, not only as objects to sell, but also as discussions and new

The Privilege of The Upright Citizens Brigade

 group called “Whale Thief” recently produced a film called Consti2tion, where protagonist Jamie must rewrite the expired Constitution because she lives in Thomas Jefferson’s old apartment.  The most noteworthy part of the film is the amount of time it took to make from conception to premiere – twenty four hours. Using their network of actors,

“And They Saying its Because of the Internet”:

Childish Gambino and What Artists Need to Survive in 2014

.T Barnum said it over half a century ago, but in regards to the over saturation of the entertainment business today (tons of actors, directors, rappers shoving mix-tapes into people’s pockets) These words have never been more important than they are right now. the most effective way for an artist to increase their longevity is