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Why Your Festival Style Might Be Offensive

The Truth About Cultural Appropriation at Music Festivals

Music festivals are one of the staples of youth culture in America. Weekends filled with all types of music, friends, various drugs, lots of alcohol and perfect Instagram pictures are a very common activity of American youth today. Festivals are also a breeding ground for new fashion trends. But unfortunately, the pressure to look as

Vivian Maier: Introvert, Nanny, and Street Photographer

treet photography is a relatively new art form, but one that has been rapidly growing in popularity over the last century. Advances in camera technology have made street photography an increasingly accessible form of art, and the growing diversity of the artists has lead to greater diversity in the art itself. During the first 60

Viktoria Modesta: A pop star revolutionizing our understanding of disability

tanding on a big sparkly stage is a young woman wearing a fluorescent crystal covered dress. Upon first glance, she seems like just another pop star, performing at a concert. However, as the camera zooms out and the viewer sees the singer in full height, one might realize that her leg is also completely covered