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The World’s at War with Tyrants – Shall We Crouch?

Artists, in their times, have played significant roles in political revolutions the whole world over, whether it be John Milton defending dissidents in the First English Civil War in the 1640s or living artists such as Ai Weiwei calling for extensive political reform in modern China. What about art and artistic life intersects with politics

“I Felt Pleasantly Empty”: Outsider Literature

f one subscribes to the definition of bohemians as those rejected for one reason or another by society, there is certainly no shortage of fiction concerning ultimate bohemians: those so deranged or different that they experience total alienation from society. For these people, there is no hope of joining even a community of bohemians, let

Japanoise: Danger Music in Kansai

n late 1985, the Japanese noise rock band Hanatarash performed what would be their last show in Japan for several years. They had earned a reputation for their extreme live shows and their experimentation with a genre they had created, “danger music.” Danger music is an extension of the avant-garde noise movement, in which musicians