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The Kids Are Not All Right: Student Protests in Colorado

In October, high school students in Jefferson County, Colorado, shocked administrators and the school board by protesting proposed changes to the AP US history curriculum, as well as other decisions by the school board. Plans were to take out episodes of civil unrest in American History textbooks in order to promote a more patriotic view

Looking Deeply at Urban Outfitters

or many people, especially in New York City, a person’s clothing represents the authenticity of their style. A perfect outfit is the result of much searching and work. Stores who sell fast fashion, or racks of ready-made clothes cheaply made and ready for the upcoming season, threaten all of that. Culture tends to create certain

Beyond Fordham Road: City Island’s Crisis

See a google map of our walk at Setting the Scene When picturing the Bronx, the beautiful town of City Island does not seem to match the description that those unfamiliar with the New York City borough might have; in fact, City Island defies those expectations. The town is clean, friendly, and surrounded by nature.