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War on Christmas

Every year, as December inches near, I am overjoyed with excitement about the soon to be celebration of Christmas festivities. Christmas, by far, is my favorite holiday. The joy and holiday spirit that seem to fill the air along Manhattan streets and within local households lifts my mood, and makes me feel cozy and warm

Beyoncé: The Popularized Face of Feminism

s most people know, the Women’s Rights Movement of the 1960s and 70s initiated the  push for reproductive rights, domestic violence, equal pay, and sexual harassment. Despite decades of reform campaigns, women are still not completely treated equal to men. From the beginning  of the feminist movement, a few women in particular stood out to be

A West Side Story: Making Lincoln Center What It Is Today

alking through Lincoln Center today, one is surrounded by endless artistic venues such as theaters, art galleries, dancing schools, and performing arts clubs. Lincoln Center is home to household names such as the Juilliard School for the Performing Arts, the Walter Reade Theater, the Metropolitan Opera House, Fordham University, and the David Rubenstein Atrium. Every