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The Sea of Green: A Closer Look at a Rooftop Farm and Restaurant in New York’s Greenwich Village

Expectation sought out Rosemary’s, an Italian restaurant in the West Village, for its rooftop garden and locavore-friendly fare. As a vegetarian and gardener myself, I must admit my weakness for these types of modern, local foodie establishments and penchant for paying the often high premium that comes with them. My short walk from the subway

Potatoes for the People: Addressing Food Insecurity in New York City

he USDA defines the term “food insecurity” as having a “lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members” and “limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods.” At present, this sad reality describes many New Yorkers. In Manhattan, for example, the food insecurity rate is an

Challenging Our Food Ethic: From Isolation to Alliance

s one who studies the politics, ethics, technology, science, and history behind the vastly interdisciplinary field of environmentalism, I can tell you firsthand that we “tree-hugging hippies” are often seen as outsiders—or what Edward Said describes as “the Other.” While recent national polls show that nearly 60% of the American public believes that the environment