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Howl: A History

Allen Ginsberg is a name that many people stumble across in one English class or another. My first encounter with Ginsberg was in my AP English Literature class in twelfth grade. My teacher had us read “Howl” and then discuss it in class. I had only two thoughts in my mind at the time. Naturally,

Misty Copeland: Changing the Mold for Modern Ballerinas

n its 75-year history, Misty Copeland is only the third female African American soloist of the American Ballet Theater (ABT), and its only current African American soloist. Throughout her entire life as a dancer, she was constantly told that she had the wrong body for ballet. In an art that values history and perfection, Copeland

Portlandia and Its People

A Look at the Creators Behind the Show, the Characters They’ve Created, and the People They Emulate

omedy duo Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have taken similar paths in life. From punk-rock beginnings to a comedic present; they have both managed to accomplish many noteworthy things that span different genres. Fred Armisen, born on December 4, 1966, grew up in Valley Stream, New York. His music career began in 1988 when he

Dependence and Influence: A Look into Artists’ Relationships with Intoxicants

ady Gaga, while recording her newest album, ARTPOP (2013), hinted that she had used various kinds of drugs to help boost her creativity. Multiple songs on her album allude to drug use – some subtly, others explicitly (“Mary Jane Holland,” “Dope,” and “Jewels n’ Drugs”). In an interview with Elvis Duran, the host of U.S.