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Urban Outfitters and Titus Andronicus: Authenticity in the Age of Aestheticism

The “bohemian” has been divided into aesthetic and ideology.  My generation—individuals born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s—has been named generation Y, millennials, generation “me,” or more recently, generation self(ie).  Whatever you call us, we’re categorized as highly individualistic to a point of fault.  Whether or not I find these descriptions consistent with

DeafNYC: Subverting Hegemony with Slam Poetry

he construction of identity is a communal endeavor; we contribute to the identity of ourselves and those we encounter through our attitudes and historical biases.  Stuart Hall discusses identity as “an ever-unfinished conversation.”  Much of his work concerning identity relies on the construction of identity in the context of confrontation of difference.  He speaks to