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Philadelphia Murals: Street Culture or Bourgeois Invasion?

A brief drive through Philadelphia can often seem like a veritable urban art museum; it is impossible to travel far through the old brownstones and run-down neighborhoods without encountering a gigantic piece of street art. Over 3,600 murals are scattered throughout the city today. All colorful, enormous, and impressive, they add life to the area, providing

Bohemianism, Politics, and Violence in Italian Futurism

n the popular imagination, bohemia is associated with left-leaning politics just as often as innovative artwork; between poets drinking absinthe and hippies shouting for free love, one can find countless historical examples to reinforce this view. Many of the most famous and innovative bohemians, such as American blues legend Bessie Smith, hail from marginalized groups,

INVISIBLE RIVER: Art and Environmentalism in Philadelphia

INVISIBLE RIVER, an event that took place for the second time in July 2014, was a unique and topical piece of Philadelphia performance art. A celebration of the Schuylkill River, it blended artistry and environmentalism through a remarkable exploration of performance space. The piece took place on the shores of the river itself; dancers performed