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Housing Works Bookstore and Café: Where Public and Private Coexist

Tucked away on Crosby Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan is one of Housing Work’s properties, a unique space that serves a multitude of purposes, but is predominantly a bookstore for used items, and a café. This space has the astonishing ability to be considered public and private at the same time – characteristics

Bodegas and Arab Identity: ناس للغة العربية

odegas are somewhat unique to New York City. Historically, they began in Spanish speaking neighborhoods but have now spread across the entire city. The bodega carries the essentials needed for everyday urban life. They carry everything from toiletries and sandwiches to cigarettes and beer. Due to the fast paced nature of New York City, the

Is it worth it?: The MET’s Opera “The Death of Klinghoffer”

pproximately one year from now will be the 30th year since Leon Klinghoffer was killed in a terrorist attack.   Klinghoffer was a victim of the 1985 Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking, which was the subject matter of one the New York Metropolitan Opera’s more recent productions, “The Death of Klinghoffer.” The opera was based on