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Dependence and Influence: A Look into Artists’ Relationships with Intoxicants

ady Gaga, while recording her newest album, ARTPOP (2013), hinted that she had used various kinds of drugs to help boost her creativity. Multiple songs on her album allude to drug use – some subtly, others explicitly (“Mary Jane Holland,” “Dope,” and “Jewels n’ Drugs”). In an interview with Elvis Duran, the host of U.S.

Balancing Two Identities: What it Means to be Chinese in the United States

trategically located between Centre and Lafayette Street in New York City, the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) faces both cultural Chinatown and Little Italy. While the museum is inside of an early 1900’s industrial building, the sustainable materials used to create the space and interior architecture reflect the fusion of history and modernity. The